Our Ethos

We aim to keep sustainability at the forefront of every decision. We work with companies that are conscious of their effect on the environment and keep this as an important part of their operation. We always start by sourcing items in the UK before searching elsewhere. We strive to prioritise and support local and independent businesses. Gift items are chosen carefully; we seek a balance between fun, bestselling, quality, educational and eco friendly items. If we have chosen to include an item that is not deemed eco friendly, this is an item that is robust and reusable and can be enjoyed by many generations to come. Items vary from box to box; please reuse and recycle wherever possible. We are honest about the origins of our products and packaging and we appreciate your patience whilst we continue to better ourselves.

Our Packaging


Our boxes are created by Pack Help; they are recycled and recyclable, this includes the box and sleeve (remove seal). Great British Wood Wool supplies us with sustainably sourced British timber wood wool which is biodegradable. Tissue paper and ribbon is purchased from the Tiny Box Company. The tissue paper is acid free and recycled, and the ribbon is made from wood pulp. Jeff and the Squirrel provide our stickers and compostable bags. The stickers are recycled, recyclable, printed with vegan inks and have a water-based adhesive. Whilst the bags are made from vegetable starch and are biodegradable. Our seed bags are supplied by Cicia in the Sky, and are made in the UK from 100% pine cellulose making them fully compostable and biodegradable. For more information please see their websites below.

Our Ocean

Here at Taba Naba we support Ocean Conservancy’s vision for a healthy ocean, making every effort to protect the ocean from today’s greatest global challenges. You can also help by becoming an Ocean Conservancy member today.

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Pack Help